Senior Software Engineer


Ady's first interaction with a computer was playing PacMan but he was more interested in knowing how it was built than how much fun it was to play it. For the past 20 years, Ady has strived in building simple, engaging and very intuitive consumer facing products. As a JavaScript Teach Lead and UI Architect, he spends a bulk of his time producing intuitive systems that are easy to scale and maintain. When away from the keyboard, he enjoys the Georgia outdoors with his wife and two daughters. To him, the unpredictable weather is a known issue that simply adds to the overall charm and he would not have it otherwise.

Session on DevFest Istanbul

Hack Your Conference Experience with AI

Conferences can be overwhelming with so many sessions, speakers, and activities to choose from. Attend this workshop to build your own AI assistant that acts as your personal conference sidekick. We'll teach you how to use event schedules and attendee profiles to develop a customized bot that recommends the best agenda and itinerary to match your needs. You'll code and train AI models to create a virtual companion for navigating conferences.

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