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Barış Güler

Barış Güler, a seasoned developer / tech leader with over 15 years of experience in the world of precariatic hyper-productivity. Sharing insights and opinions from the tech trenches. Let's code for a brighter future! Builder of @hearbitz_app, podcast organiser, @lokalimde

Session on DevFest Istanbul

Cloudy with a Chance of Code:
How I Built Hearbitz Without Touching My Local IDE!

In a world where developers often cradle their local machines like a precious treasure, I embarked on a wild journey to build Hearbitz entirely in the cloud without writing a single line of code on my local system. Yes, you heard it right, not a single keystroke on my trusted keyboard! Join me at the upcoming JavaScript conference for a hilarious and enlightening tale of cloud-based adventures. Discover how I harnessed the power of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Javascript (no TS at all) to create Hearbitz while dodging the perils of local development. From cloud-native coding to serverless sorcery, I'll spill the beans on the quirkiest cloud confessions and epic fails along the way. Get ready to laugh, learn, and rethink your local dev habits as we dive headfirst into the cloudy realm of code. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just curious about cloud-centric coding, this session promises to be a cloud-tastic journey you won't want to miss!

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