Senior IOS Developer @Trendyol

Beyza İnce

Beyza İnce is a software engineer with over 3 years of experience in iOS and Mobile DevOps. Currently, she is working in the iOS platform team at Trendyol. Beyza focuses on developing interactive and user-friendly iOS applications. She specializes in Swift and leverages the latest technologies from Apple to deliver innovative solutions. Additionally, she has expertise in Mobile DevOps, managing the application lifecycle and implementing automated processes.

Session on DevFest Istanbul

IOS Testing at Scale

In my talk, I'll first show where I'm at with testing in the Trendyol iOS Team. I'll then quickly explain each type of test and talk about the issues I've faced.
In each part of my talk, you'll see new open-source projects and tools I've made or used. I'll also share useful strategies that I've discovered effective on a larger scale.
Finally, I'll explain how I've boosted our DevOps systems with Swift and Vapor to run many tests perfectly.
Unit Test Strategies
Generated Unit Tests
Mockolo Mock Generation
Snapshot Tests on Scale
Snapshot Testing Strategies
UI Tests on Scale
Mocking Strategies for UI Tests Using Xcode Test Plans
Managing Test plans with Xctestplanner (
Smarter, Faster, Test orchestration (Mute/Skip unnecessary tests)
Mobile Devops on Scale
Devops Strategies
Building DevOps Projects with Vapor
Managing Databases with Fluent Framework
Analyzing test results with Grafana

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