Sales and Marketing @IDRsolutions

Chika Emebo

Chika is a key member of the marketing and sales team at IDR Solutions. In her various roles, she spends a lot of time creating web content including videos. In her spare time she is a budding Entrepreneur and has two beauty side hustles with hair and eye extensions. She is really excited to be making her debut speaking presentation at DevFest.

Session on DevFest Istanbul

How to display Video, Images, Files , Document and video formats in HTML5?

If you are building Web applications, you will want to integrate many video, images, files and Document formats into your HTML5. In our talk, we will cover what is supported natively and flag up the useful HTML5 tags available. Then we will look at options to display unsupported formats and explore the pros and cons of various viewing and conversion approaches. This is going to be a very hands on session, with lots of showing/editing raw HTML5 code, lots of cat pictures and videos to display and lots of useful takeaways.

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