Senior Software Engineer @Adobe

Ekrem Doğan

Ekrem, a Senior Software Engineer at Adobe's Basel office, serves as an Edge Delivery Projects lead in the Adobe Experience Manager Sites organization. His expertise spans various fields, with a primary focus on Edge Delivery integrations to enhance web performance and ensure smooth third-party integrations, vital for an optimal user experience. Ekrem is also deeply passionate about web and cloud technologies.

Session on DevFest Istanbul

Need for Faster Websites: The "why" and "how"

Now, more than ever, webpage speed is a big deal. In a world where people have almost no attention span, websites must make every effort to retain their users and prevent visitors from leaving by hitting the back button or closing the browser tab. To make this happen, they have to be faster than their competition. In this session, Ekrem will break down the reasons behind page speed's importance, how to measure it, and how it directly affects the revenue. You'll also get hands-on experience with techniques for building faster websites through live coding. This talk is all about sharpening your web development skills for the real world.

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