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Elie Hannouch

Elie Hannouch, a Senior Software Engineer and Digital Transformation expert, is a driving force in the tech industry, hailing from Lebanon. With a vision focused on decentralizing businesses and building products customers love, Elie combines his extensive engineering background with strategic innovation to redefine how enterprises operate in today’s digital age. As a MongoDB Champion and startup founder, Elie embodies not only technical excellence but also a keen sense of leadership and entrepreneurship. He has a proven track record of delivering robust, scalable, and impactful solutions that stand at the forefront of technological advancement. Beyond his professional roles, he is a fervent community advocate, leading the MongoDB, Google and CNCF communities in Lebanon and empowering aspiring tech professionals through mentorship and education. A dedicated educator, Elie also acts as a tech trainer, preparing the next wave of engineers to make significant impacts in their fields. Adding to his multifaceted career, Elie is a Technical Writer and Book Author, committed to articulating the future of technology in terms that resonate with readers around the world, demystifying complex concepts and inspiring a new generation of tech enthusiasts.

Session on DevFest Istanbul

Delivering Low Latency Mobile Experiences with GCP and MongoDB Realm

In the fast-paced realm of mobile app development, user expectations for seamless, real-time experiences have never been higher. To meet these demands, the integration of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and MongoDB Realm is a game-changer.

Our talk,is your guide to achieving blazing-fast, responsive mobile applications. We'll explore the technical intricacies and practical strategies that transform your app into a low-latency powerhouse. Key topics we'll dive into include:

1. Real-Time Data Synchronization: Learn how MongoDB Realm's real-time synchronization keeps your app's data up-to-date, eliminating delays and ensuring instant updates for users.
2. Global Scalability: Discover how GCP's global infrastructure ensures low latency, regardless of your users' geographical locations, enabling you to reach a worldwide audience seamlessly.
3. ServerLess Functions: Explore the world of serverless functions in MongoDB Realm, reducing client-side processing and enhancing app responsiveness.
4. Offline Sync: Delve into MongoDB Realm's offline sync capabilities, enabling users to access and interact with data even when they're offline, and seamless data synchronization when they're back online.
5. Data Modeling: Discover how MongoDB Realm's flexible data modeling capabilities can streamline development, allowing you to adapt to changing data structures without compromising app performance.
6. Real-time Collaboration: Leverage MongoDB Realm to implement real-time collaboration features, such as live messaging or collaborative document editing, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.
7. Cross-Platform Development: Learn how MongoDB Realm supports cross-platform development, allowing you to build low-latency experiences on iOS, Android, and web, all while maintaining a consistent user experience.
8. Security and Authentication: Ensure robust data security and user authentication with best practices from both GCP and MongoDB Realm.
9. Real-time Analytics and Monitoring: Use advanced analytics and monitoring tools to identify and address latency bottlenecks while gaining valuable insights into user behavior.
10. Cost Optimization: Learn how to optimize resources efficiently on GCP and MongoDB Realm, keeping performance high while managing costs effectively. Join us on this comprehensive journey to unlock the full potential of your mobile app. By the end of our talk, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and practical know-how to create low-latency mobile experiences that captivate and engage users in today's competitive app landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to accelerate your mobile app's success

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