Software Developer Engineer @Amazon

George Kortsaridis

George is an Android Developer Engineer for Ring, Amazon. He has been developing on the Android and iOS platforms since the early years of Android Eclair and iOS 5. He has worked on and pushed products on various sectors, like security, traveling, VR/AR and most recently smart home and big screen TVs. He is currently working to provide the best possible mobile experience surrounding people’s smart homes via Ring’s platform.

Session on DevFest Istanbul

How to avoid the multimillion user error

When dealing with a massive app or a massive user base, every single detail matters. How can developers be sure that a new feature or (god forbid) a major refactoring will not break the experience of a loyal user base? Is unit testing enough? Is QA testing good for it? Let’s see some reasoning behind how we should develop in a way that is more open to these kinds of changes

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