Co-Founder @Craftgate

Lemi Orhan Ergin

Lemi Orhan Ergin is a software crafter based on Turkey with a passion for raising the bar of his profession and sharing his experiences with communities. He is the co-founder of Craftgate (One-Stop-Shop Payment Gateway) and founder of Turkish Software Craftsmanship Community. He previously worked at Sony and eBay at various technical leadership roles. He has been actively programming since 2001. He is an active practitioner and mentor in extreme programming, leading teams about engineering practices and hands-on programming.

Session on DevFest Istanbul

SOLID is dead,
Long live SOLID

Let's face the elephant in the room: the SOLID principles are causing some confusion in the software community. Many people in the audience believe SOLID is an artifact of the past, a set of standards that no longer apply in today's dynamic and evolving software ecosystem. In this session, we will challenge this widely held belief and show that SOLID is not dead, but rather more alive and relevant than ever! We explain the principles in different perspectives such a way that no one heard before.

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