Customer Delivery Architect @Kubermatic

Mario Fahlandt

Mario is from a small village in Germany and working for Kubermatic. He studied creative media at an English university and moved his field of knowledge to Cloud Native Infrastructure. He is working as a Customer Delivery Architect with the focus on planning and building concepts and architecture for Infrastructure in the Cloud native world. He started the Google Developer Group for Cloud in Munich back in 2016 and became a Cloud Google Developer Expert in 2019. His passion is always to move the cloud native community one step forward.

Session on DevFest Istanbul

AI-Powered DevOps:
The Next Frontier

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming our world, and the Cloud Native world is no exception. AI-powered DevOps tools can help teams to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk of errors. This talk will explore the latest trends in AI-powered DevOps and discuss how these tools can be used to improve Infrastructure management. We will also discuss the benefits of using AI-powered DevOps tools, such as increased productivity, reduced risk, and improved performance. Let us take a deep dive in tools like k8sgpt and shellgpt to see the benefit they provide you in a day-to-day work. Also, we will take a look where the road might lead and what to be aware of if we utilize AI in our Kubernetes environments.

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