Machine Learning Engineer @Turkcell

Omar Elcicevi

Passionate about the intersection of technology and human empowerment, I am Omar Elcircevi, an AI & ML Engineer based in Istanbul, Turkey. With a diverse background in Electrical Engineering and an ongoing MBA program at Bahçeşehir University, I have honed my skills in developing innovative solutions that merge the realms of artificial intelligence and real-world problem-solving.
In my current role at Turkcell Technology Inc., I've been at the forefront of building a no-code automated machine learning platform for corporate clients, enabling them to harness the power of AI without the complexities. From optimizing cooling systems in data centers to crafting personalized music recommendations for thousands, I thrive on leveraging AI for practical, impactful solutions.
My commitment to knowledge sharing extends beyond my role, as evidenced by my leadership experiences. I have organized and led events within the Google Cloud Developer Community, presented on diverse topics from deep learning to the applications of AI in medicine, and volunteered to teach Python and machine learning to beginners.
An advocate for inclusivity and collaboration, I bring not only technical proficiency but also a keen interest in fostering diverse and vibrant communities within the tech space. Fluent in Arabic, English, and Turkish, my goal is to contribute to the global dialogue on AI while promoting a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

Session on DevFest Istanbul

MLOps in the Age of Generative AI

This 20-minute presentation delves into the transformative intersection of MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) and generative AI, exploring how organizations can harness the power of automated model development. We will discuss the evolving role of MLOps in managing the end-to-end lifecycle of generative AI models, addressing challenges, and highlighting best practices. From model training to deployment and monitoring, this session provides insights into optimizing workflows, ensuring scalability, and fostering collaboration between data scientists and operations teams. Join us on a journey through the landscape of MLOps, where the integration of generative AI reshapes the way organizations approach and derive value from machine learning.

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